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Stock, Inventory & Raw Materials

Inventory & Raw Materials

Insurance coverage for storage at owned or leased overseas manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Ocean Cargo In Transit | Marine Cargo in Transit

Ocean Cargo in Transit

Ocean cargo coverage for marine imports from overseas suppliers or overseas manufacturing facilities.

In-Process Inventory

Inventory In-Process

Coverage for in-process materials at domestic or foreign manufacturing facilities or storage locations.

Inland Freight in Transit

Inland Freight in Transit

Primary and contingent inland coverage to final customer location including all intracompany movements.

Domestic Storage

Domestic Storage

Coverage for final products in inventory at distribution centers or leased or owned storage locations.

Coverage Exclusions | CAT Coverage

Coverage Exclusions

• Mysterious disappearances and losses from inventory counts.
• Losses resulting from willful misconduct by the insured.
• Terrorism is quoted in accordance with TRIPRA regulations.

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